Eagle Research Associates, Inc. is a Public Benefit Nonprofit Corporation registered in California. It was formed on August 3, 2007, and received approval from the IRS on February 11, 2008 as an approved 501(c)3 Corporation, EIN: 26-0713437, and from the California Franchise Tax Board effective July 20, 2007. Eagle is an approved Public Benefit Charitable Corporation by the California Attorney General Office of Charitable Trusts, Registration Number: CT0157139. California Corporation Number: C3009453.

Eagle Research Associates, Inc. is located at:

24401 Chrisanta Drive
Mission Viejo, CA 92691-4007

and may be reached by Phone: 949-837-6078. You may also contact us via E-mail:  eagle@eaglereseachassociates.org .

Eagle Research Associates, Inc. was founded by the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lynndel R. Edgington. Lynn seeing the lack of education regarding investments by the general public, and aware of the constraints of Law Enforcement Agencies to deal with the explosion of Internet investment scams, Eagle Research Associates, Inc. was born. In sharing his ideas and goals for the corporation with others, Lynn was able to assemble a strong management team, Board of Directors, and a multitalented team comprising the research and investigative abilities of the corporation.


Eagle consists of a highly skilled management team and team members:

Lynndel “€œLynn”€ Edgington, Founder/President/Chairman:
Lynn brings over 20 years of Insurance, Financial Services, Banking, and Mortgage Lending experience, plus over 20 years of business consulting experience. As a business consultant, he developed and wrote business plans, marketing plans, and strategic plans for start-up to mature companies. He assisted in locating venture capital and expansion capital, as well as formulated strategies for joint ventures and strategic alliances for his clients. He has spent four years researching Internet investment scams learning how they operate, the lack of investment knowledge by the public and the problems facing law enforcement in dealing with the explosion of Internet investment fraud prior to forming Eagle. In working with other like-minded people, who are now a part of the team and volunteers, he formed Eagle Research Associates, Inc.

Lynn is the author of: “€œRobbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun – €“ Cyber Crime How They Do It”,€  available on Amazon.com:  http://amzn.to/9hchhD in soft cover and now in eBook format.

Lynn has conducted lecturers at: Loyola Law School in their Lunch and Learn Program, Westwood College School of Criminal Justice, and ITT Tech School of Criminal Justice. He is a member of the ITT-Tech School of Justice Program Advisory Committee (PAC). Lynn is a guest columnist for the OC Register. He was a regular interview guest expert on Cyber Crime on the late Frank Pastore Radio Show, KKLA-FM, and the Kathryn Raaker “€œLet™s Just Talk”€ Radio Show in Cincinnati. He has been interviewed on several other radio and television shows. He is a graduate of Ball State University with a BS Degree majoring in Business Administration and Political Science.

Lynn is a Lifetime Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals


Joan “€œJoanie”€ Edgington, Secretary
Joanie has over 25 years experience as an Executive Assistant. She was employed with the Sares-Regis Group. In her various roles with Sares-Regis she was the bond administrator overseeing the company’€™s Affordable Housing, Bond, and Tax Credit programs; assistant to the President, Controller, and Senior Vice President (2), and was the recording secretary for company management meetings. Joanie now owns her own company Joanie’s Collectibles.


(All Team Members are Independent Contractors, not employees)

Gary Morley, FBI €(Retired), Licensed Investigator/Researcher:
Gary is a twenty-eight year veteran of the FBI, retired. He is the Director of the Morley Group providing investigatory and consulting services in the business and litigation disciplines relating to: fraud investigation, corporate compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley), forensic accounting, risk management and assessment, due diligence, sensitive business matters, as well as general litigation support and private investigation. Gary brings significant experience investigating and managing complex and highly sensitive local, national and international investigations requiring the development and execution of investigative goals, objectives, strategies and techniques. His expertise in witness location and interviewing, due diligence, asset location and verification, record review, evidence collection, report writing and testimony helps us penetrate the veil of the investment Ponzi/Scam, as well as the perpetrators of the fraud.Gary’€™s expertise encompasses fraud investigations related to financial institutions, securities, money laundering, computer/cyber crime, intellectual property, health care, bankruptcy, telemarketing, public corruption, labor racketeering, organized crime and federal election law. His distinguished law enforcement career, his expertise as a licensed investigator and investigative abilities make him a tremendous asset to the team.

Craig Hannaford, RCMP-Retired, Licensed Investigator/Researcher:
Craig is a twenty-four year veteran of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) retired. He spent most of these years in the commercial crime and computer crime areas of the RCMP. While assigned to the Winnipeg RCMP Commercial Crime Section, he conducted complex investigations into investment frauds and commodities market fraud. After being transferred to Ottawa, he helped the RCMP set up their computer crime forensic lab. In this capacity, he worked in almost every Canadian province on computer crime cases.In 1994, he was assigned to the Toronto area Commercial Crime Section working on major frauds. Craig was then named the Officer in Charge of the Integrated Market Enforcement Team (IMET) for the greater Toronto area. This unit is responsible for the investigations of major capital market fraud investigations in Toronto. Besides being a licensed investigator, he is a Certified General Accountant, and holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Western Ontario. His distinguished law enforcement career, investigative abilities, a licensed investigator, and the former Officer in Charge of IMET, makes him a tremendous asset to the team.

Greggory Brian Evans, PhD, Research Analyst:
Gregg is a successful business man who owns his own after-market specialty shop for Ford products, a partner in an airplane leasing company, and is a former CPA having worked with one of the top six CPA firms in the country. His many contacts within the business communities, understanding of financial statements, as well as his computer abilities makes him a great asset to the team.

Christian Paasche, Research Analyst:
Christian is currently a Systems & Network Administrator. He has 10 years of professional experience and has been computing for over 18 years. He has over 20 years experience in the markets as an active investor and researcher. He also has served as a Corporate Treasurer, and has been a business owner. He has holds a general transfer degree and a Networking and Computer Science degree from Cabrillo College in Aptos, California and is pursuing his bachelors in computer networking with an emphasis in security. He also holds CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certificates from Cabrilo College. He has completed Cisco IUWNE (Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials) training. He has also served as a moderator on an Internet Investment/Scam forum. His computer skills, as well as his business background, provide us the technical skills required to penetrate the veil of the investment Ponzi/scam, and the perpetrators of the fraud. His talents and skills make him a great asset to the team.


We now have volunteers in thirty states and fifteen foreign countries. Our volunteers provide us much needed research information; which aides us in our educational efforts, material for our seminars, and our efforts to assist our assigned agents to shut down these illegal programs.

Our volunteers are very experienced in a wide variety of disciplines and are mufti-credentialed. They are Certified Fraud Examiners, Insurance Professionals, CPA’€™s, Financial Services, Banking, Auditors, Financial Crimes Investigators, Computer Crimes Investigators, Retired Law Enforcement, and other disciplines. They are an important asset to Eagle and play an important role in our successes.