Eagle Research Associates, Inc. fulfills a dual mission. We are dedicated to educating the public regarding Internet Investment Fraud/Ponzi/Scams through Seminars, Public Speaking Engagements, Radio and Television Interviews, and through our website.

Teaching people how to recognize Internet Investment Fraud/Ponzi/Scams; how to do basic Due Diligence, how to recognize Red Flags warnings, how to protect yourself against Identity Theft, what actions to take if you become a victim of a Fraud/Ponzi/Scam; and other resources to provide additional information, agencies and programs to assist victims.

The second part of our mission is to research and investigate companies that we believe are operating illegally, documenting our findings and supplying this information to law enforcement agencies worldwide; thus aiding them in closing down these illegal companies as quickly as possible before millions have been stolen. To provide information that will help lead to the arrest and convictions of these perpetrators.