It depends sometimes on who you ask. Personally I am not fond of any matrix program because it does not take long before you run out of people to make it work if all you are seeking is referral fees for your income.

Having said that, there is an exception and that is when you have real products to offer for sale to the public. If you are not relying on your 2×2 matrix to make money, but from your product sales, then and only then is a 2×2 matrix program viable. But for those in your 2×2 matrix down-line at some point they are going to run out of people signing up. So they have to have a real product to sell, and a real product that people want to buy. Otherwise it is an illegal pyramid scheme.

What makes a 2×2 matrix program illegal is when your only source of income is from signing people up in your matrix. This will collapse very quickly, and leaving many people losing all their money. MPBToday is a classic example of this type of 2×2 Matrix that is illegal as there are no outside sales or product to sell. The only way you make money is from those signing up under you in your Matrix. The classic illegal pyramid scheme.

If you have a real product to sell, a product that people want to buy, it begs the question: Why do you need a 2×2 Matrix program to sell it? We’ll address this at another time.

REMEMBER: The key is you must have a real product to sell, and of course a product that people will want to buy from you from which you derive your income; not from signing people up in your 2×2 Matrix.