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Some simple ways to help protect yourself against Identity Theft The next time you order checks, have only your initials (instead of first name) and last name put on them. If someone steals your checkbook, they will not know if you sign your name with your initials or your first name. Your bank will know how you sign your name, but a thief will not take the chance of trying to guess. Also a good idea for your personal credit cards. Do not sign the back of your credit cards. Instead put: “PHOTO ID REQUIRED.” When you are writing checks to pay on your credit card account, DO NOT put the complete account number on the “FOR” line. Instead just put the last four digits of your card number. The credit card company knows the other numbers to your card. Put your work phone number on your checks instead of your home phone number. Never have your social security number printed on your checks. Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine, and make copies of both sides of your license, credit cards, etc.. You will know what you had in your wallet and all of the account numbers and phone numbers to call and cancel. Keep these in a safe place, but obviously not in your wallet. Also keep a copy of your Passport as well. Do not remove your credit card/debit card from your wallet while you are standing in line waiting to check out. Anyone near you with a cell phone can take a picture of your card information. Wait until you are at the register before removing it from your wallet or purse. Do not toss your sales receipt in the nearest trash cans. Instead keep them until you get home. Besides if you have to return an item, you will need the receipt for the refund. If you no longer need the receipt, tear it up in multiple pieces and put it in your trash can. Burn or shred, with a cross shredder, any mail or financial papers with your personal information on it. Never recycle them. Ask credit card companies to stop sending pre-approved credit card applications to your house. They are ticking identity theft time bombs. Ask your credit card firm to cease delivery of “convenience checks.” You are entitled to one free credit report each year. Get it as soon as possible. Order a credit report a month or more before you make a big purchase or apply for credit. This will help ensure there are no surprises in your credit history. Limit the number of credit cards you hold, and religiously inspect your financial statements each month. Consumer...

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Identity Theft is the PRIMARY objective of Internet Scams and Phishing/Spam E-mails today. YOU ARE AT SERIOUS RISK. Identity Theft merely means someone else becomes you using your personal information without your knowing it until it is too late. Your identity is extremely valuable to scammers. Criminals are determined to steal your personal information from you and your computer so it can be sold on the black market to all kinds of criminal elements in our society today. The object of scam letters and scam E-mails is not just to get you to send money to the scammers, but to obtain your identity which is worth far more to them than the money you send them. So how do they do this? Actually it is quite simple. In their E-mail, they ask you for your personal information (name, address, sex, phone number, occupation, where you bank, and marital status to name the most common questions. They can download spyware on your computer and/or a virus-Trojan Horse onto your hard drive when you open their E-mail. Very little personal information is required for them to fill in the blanks of the information you did not provide them. One method they use is to take whatever information you have given them, and from your hard drive, and feed this information into “detective software” easily available on the Internet. From this they can obtain your Social Security Number, or National ID information, plus any of your property information (real estate, car, boat, etc.). You have to remember everything you do on the Internet is automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive for the hackers to steal with their malware. This includes all your usernames and passwords, purchase information (credit card, online banking) and your E-mail address book. Even if the E-mail you open does not contain any malicious code, a receipt is sent to the scammer which gives them your IP address, and then the malware is off and running on your computer. Once they have your E-mail address, it is then sold to other scammer mailing lists. Now you know how you started receiving all those spam E-mails: fake lottery winning notifications, other solicitations, fake next of kin notifications, etc.. If you are like most of us, once you hear all of this, and learn just what can happen to you, you don’t want to go near a computer or do anything online ever again. While it sounds scary, and it is, the good news is you can take steps to protect yourself. You can safely surf the Internet, do online banking, and send and receive E-mails. So what do you do to make using the Internet and E-mails safe? Follow...

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MEDICAL IDENTITY THEFT Medical identity theft is one form of fraud that is quickly on the rise. The internet has contributed to the fallout, while privacy laws make this problem very difficult to resolve. Once they are equipped with an unknowing patient’s information, thieves have the power to inflict considerable damage. After claiming the identity, they will be able to receive benefits in the victim’s name, such as medical visits, treatment, and discount prescription drugs. A thief may even file fraudulent claims, which could leave a victim with numerous unpaid bills, annoying calls from collection agencies, a wrecked credit score, and worst of all, inaccurate medical records. Another means is for you to receive a bill from a medical provider saying your insurance did not cover the full cost of the procedure. They need an additional amount to cover the cost of the treatment. Usually this cost is relatively small ($100 or less) that in most cases is not too hard for you to pay. They offer you the options of paying with your credit card or by personal check . They even provide you an enclosed envelope for your convenience to send your payment. Only problem is the envelope is not the address of your provider, but another address. They count on you not checking the address on the return envelope to notice it is not the address of your provider. If you pay with your credit card, they now have your credit card information; or if you paid by personal check, they now have all your banking account information. Most victims of medical identity theft will have no clue of the crime until they receive a hefty bill from a medical provider. The very laws put in place to protect a consumer also make it very difficult to actually prove medical identity theft. Under the federal privacy laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, healthcare providers receive penalties upon releasing personal information to an individual without following protocol; and in the case of medical identity theft, it is often the victim who is denied access to their own information. Unlike major credit bureaus, there is no central repository designated for medical records. There is no service with a super database that collects and maintains information regarding one’€™s health insurance plan or medical history. This leaves the patient with the time consuming task of contacting every medical provider they have ever visited to obtain the information. There is currently no standard process victims of medical identity theft can rely on to dispute false claims or fix potentially hazardous or dangerous mistakes within their records. This is not only a financial nightmare, but a serious health...

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This checklist can help identity theft victims clear up their records. It lists the actions most identity theft victims should take to limit the damage done by the thief. For more information, see the Web sites of the Federal Trade Commission at, the Identity Theft Resource Center at, and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse at Report The Fraud To The Three Major Credit Bureaus: You can report the identity theft to all three of the major credit bureaus by calling any one of the toll-free fraud numbers below. You will reach an automated telephone system and you will not be able to speak to anyone at this time. The system will ask you to enter your Social Security number and other information to identify yourself. The automated system allows you to flag your file with a fraud alert at all three bureaus. This helps stop a thief from opening new accounts in your name. The alert stays on for 90 days. Each of the credit bureaus will send you a letter confirming your fraud alert and giving instructions on how to get a copy of your credit report. As a victim of identity theft, you will not be charged for these reports. Each report you receive will contain a telephone number you can call to speak to someone in the credit bureau’€™s fraud department. Experian 1-888-397-3742 Equifax 1-800-525-6285 TransUnion 1-800-680-7289 Report The Crime To The Police: Report identity theft to your local police department. Ask the police to issue a police report of identity theft. Give the police as much information on the theft as possible. One way to do this is to provide copies of your credit reports showing the items related to identity theft. Black out other items not related to identity theft. Give the police any new evidence you collect to add to your report. Be sure to get a copy of your police report. You will need to give copies to creditors and the credit bureaus. Request Information On Fraudulent Accounts: When you file your police report of identity theft, the officer may give you forms to use to request account information from credit grantors, utilities or cell phone service companies. When you write to creditors where the thief opened or applied for accounts, send copies of the forms, along with copies of the police report. Give the information you receive from creditors to the officer investigating your case. Call Creditors: Call creditors for any accounts that the thief opened or used. When you call, ask for the security or fraud department. Examples of creditors are credit card companies, other lenders, phone companies, other utility companies, and department stores. Tell them you are...

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