Kevin Trudeau has a new gig.  While many of you may not recognize his name, you would definitely recognize his face.  He is known as the €œInfomercial King€ of late night TV.  He has been hawking his wares through infomercials for years.  After being banned from running any commercials of any kind on TV, he is back with a new venture, but this time he is going for the big bucks. Before I go into detail on his new venture, I want to provide some history of his sordid background to put what he is doing now in the proper perspective.
Many of you will probably remember Kevin hawking his books through his infomercials.  Here is a list of his most famous ones:

  • €œFree Money “€œThey” Don’€™t Want You To Know About
  • €€œNatural Cures “€œThey” Don’€™t Want You To Know About
  • €€œMore Natural €œ”Cures”€ Revealed, Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease
  • Debt  Cures “€œThey”€ Don’€™t Want You To Know About
  • The Weight Loss  Cure “€œThey”€ Don’€™t Want You To Know About

Hmm, seems to be a common theme here, but who are  “They”?€

But before his books, he was hawking his memory and reading improvement system, real estate investment tips, cures for: baldness, cancer, and diabetes, and I am sure many other products.  But it was in his infomercials that Kevin discovered the goose that laid the golden egg; well at least for him that is.

In his infomercial, he had the appearance that he was being interviewed by a real TV reporter, or pair of reporters, and he pontificated about all the great things that were contained in his book that were super secret, and “€œThey”€ did not want you knowing about.  Of course the reporters were not real reporters at all, but were nothing more than fluff for the infomercial and his fluff questions they were asking him.  No in-depth serious questions allowed.  Only through buying his book could you discover who “€œThey” were that did not want you to know this information, and what these products are and how you could benefit from them.

In 1990, Trudeau pleaded guilty to larceny in a Cambridge, Mass., State court in connection with $80,000 in worthless checks he deposited at a bank. In 1991, he was charged and pleaded Guilty in a Boston Federal District Court with using ‘€˜unauthorized access devices€™’ to defraud American Express out of $122,735.68 (he also swindled around $5,000 from several banks, including Chemical and Citibank). He was sentenced to two years in prison.

After his release from prison, Trudeau began working for a company called Nutrition for Life, a MLM company out of Houston, Texas.  The state of Illinois found Nutrition for Life was an illegal pyramid scheme, and was sued by Illinois and seven other states. The company settled the charges and closed up shop.  To his credit, nothing indicates that Trudeau did anything illegal while working for Nutrition for Life.

OK, so he has a criminal record, he hawks his books using infomercials on TV, so what’€™s the big deal and what is wrong with that?  And why do I need to know this since it is ancient history?

All good questions and here€’s why.  There is nothing wrong with doing infomercials on TV, as long as you are not doing a bait and switch. This means promise one thing in your pitch, and then when you get the product to get the real answers you had to order another product. This is where Mr. Trudeau got into trouble with the FTC.  You see none of the information that he claimed to be in his book was actually in his book.  Once you got the book, then you had to order his newsletter to get the answers that were supposed to be in the book.  He was also padding the charges for you to get the book in the first place.

Here’€™s how it worked:

You called the 800 number on your screen during the infomercial to order the book.  The book costs $24.95, plus shipping.  While you are on the phone, the person taking your order tells you that he has two other free books just for you ordering now.  All you have to do is pay shipping and handling for them. Then they told you to get the book and the free books you had to sign up for his newsletter to get the offer.  Sounds like a good deal, so you agree.  Then you get your credit card bill and you find out that the shipping and handling for each book was $25.  The subscription to the newsletter was an additional $71 per month.  So to get your $24.95 book, two free books, shipping for all three books and the newsletter you have now paid close to $175, and you have an ongoing $71 monthly newsletter fee.

But not to worry, as he said you had a 30-day money back guarantee.  So if I don’€™t like the book, I can get all my money back, right?  Wrong.  They will tell you (that is if you can actually talk to a person about getting a refund) the shipping charges are not refunded, nor is the cost of the monthly newsletter, so all you can possibly get back is your $24.95 for the book.  Most people have found that even getting a refund for the book was almost impossible to receive.  And one more thing, if you think the answers to all those secrets are contained in the book, think again.  To get those, you have to sign up for his, you guessed it, monthly newsletter.  But those who ordered the book also learned that he had sold their information to junk mailers and telemarketers.

For these violations, the FTC fined him $2 Million Dollars. So that is when he went to his writing and self-publishing his books.  Because his books contain false information and claims in his book, and he continued to violate his initial order from the FTC, he was fined $5 Million Dollars for being in contempt of his previous court order.  He continued to falsify information in his books and FTC increased the amount of his fine to $37 Million Dollars, a fine he still has not paid.  For his actions he was banned from ever selling products on television.  He is the only person ever to be banned from selling products on television.

So why is all this ancient history about Kevin Trudeau important to know?  What€’s the purpose of you telling me all of this?  Glad you asked.

He’€™s back, but this time he is offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to join his super secret club called Global Information Network – GIN.  Bad choice of an acronym as in 2004 there was a Ponzi called GIN that stole hundreds of millions of dollars from people all around the world.  Instead of offering his club program on TV, which he can’€™t, he is offering it to you on the Internet.  But this time he thinks he can avoid being “€œhassled” by the €’evil’ Feds out to get him, so he has registered his company in the country of St. Kitts and Nevis.

I guess he thinks by registering there it protects him from being under the auspices of the US Regulatory Authorities.  Wrong.  Rather than my giving you my interpretation of his private club, I will let his words tell the story.  Remember, tricks used by the scammer to get you to join their program they use conspiracy theories, class envy, scarcity, exclusivity, and name-dropping.  All which are contained in the web pages of GIN.  Here they are using the conspiracy theory, exclusivity, class envy, and name-dropping:

The Global Information Network (GIN) is a Multi-Form Foundation organized in the country of St. Kitts and Nevis. It was conceived by a group of individuals from around the world who are the highest ranking members of several private societies, associations, clubs, and groups whose membership has been exclusive to the privileged elite class of the world. This group includes members of:

  • The Brotherhood
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Freemasons
  • Yale University’s Skull and Bones
  • The Illuminati
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • And several other elite international societies

The individuals who conceived and helped organize the Global Information Network (The “GIN Council”) are, and will always remain anonymous.

For the first time in human history, the highest ranking members of these “€œsecret societies” have encouraged the formation of a new, private, member only group. A group that allows people who do not qualify to become members of the above listed societies to join together, and be exposed to the same secrets revealed and taught to members of those societies and clubs.

There is a New World Order forming that is designed to increase the gap between the wealthy and the average working man. GIN does not agree with this movement of total control over individuals. GIN believes that EVERY person has the right to know the secrets of creating the life they want and enjoying freedom, pursuing happiness, and achieving all their dreams and desires. 

The Creed of the Global Information Network is:

  • Every person on earth has the right to know all the knowledge available on planet earth
  • Every person on earth has the right to pursue happiness
  • Every person on earth has the right to be free to pursue his own dreams, goals, and desires
  • Every person on earth has the right to know ALL the methods of curing and preventing disease and have dynamic vibrant health
  • Every person on earth has the right to know how to use their mind to create and manifest in their lives whatever they choose
  • Every person on earth has the right to privacy from all governments and corporate entities
  • Every person on earth has the right to be happy, secure, safe, and fulfilled as a human being
  • Every person on earth has the same importance as every other person
  • Every person on earth can have, be or do anything they desire
  • The privileged elite class has NO right to hide the truth from the masses and keep them as virtual slaves
  • Freedom of speech, freedom to express ideas, opinions, and what individuals believe to be statements of fact even if it is against worldwide consensus should never be impeded

The individuals who encouraged the formation of GIN (The “GIN Council”) include:

  • Billionaires
  • Celebrities
  • Royalty
  • Former heads of governments (Prime Ministers/Presidents)
  • World Leaders
  • Scientists
  • Some of the most powerful, influential, educated and successful people on earth

For obvious reasons these individuals will always remain anonymous and do not have any “official” association with GIN.

GIN is an organization where the average person can gain access to the same secret information that up until now has been the exclusive privilege of the elite class and only to members of the above societies and groups.

By allowing average people access to this secret knowledge, it is the hope of GIN that:

  • Individual levels of personal responsibility will increase
  • More people will become empowered
  • Depression, powerlessness, poverty, hunger, and slavery will diminish and over time cease to exist
  • A worldwide global shift will occur where the masses will stop looking to government, or corporate entities to solve all problems
  • People will understand that they CAN change their situations and create any reality they desire
  • The world will go into an upward movement of prosperity, freedom, and peace for all to such a degree that mankind has never seen

The goal of the Global Information Network is to be the worldwide communication center that will spread previously secret and hidden knowledge; knowledge that had previously been used by the ruling classes to keep the world uninformed, full of fear, impoverished and enslaved.

In educating the world with this secret data, The Global Information Network hopes to empower people to have, be or do everything and anything they desire. Ultimately the outcome of these efforts will be the following: Happiness will increase, fear will fall away, people will become more prosperous than ever before, poverty, slavery, and despair will begin to vanish from the planet and violence and wars will cease to exist on planet earth.

Remember, tricks used by the scammer to get you to join their program they use conspiracy theories, scarcity, exclusivity, and name-dropping.  All which are contained in the web pages of GIN.  Here he is using the exclusivity and scarcity angle to entice you to join:

As a private, sovereign, member only association, the Global Information Network provides its members with exclusive benefits that are not available anywhere else.

GIN is an exclusive and private club. It is an association or organization. It can be called a “€œsociety”€. It consists of members from all over the world. Membership is by invitation only. Not all applications will be accepted and not all who apply will qualify.

Membership in GIN can be compared to membership in an exclusive country club, or private organization for affluent like minded people.

As with all memberships in exclusive member only organizations, GIN members enjoy special privileges and advantages that non members do not have access to.

The first benefit that members receive is access to information that is shared by members to members exclusively. This information is available on the GIN website in the form of audios, videos, and written material.

This information in also available in live events, seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, summits, meetings, and special briefings put on all around the world.

All information on the website and all events are completely free of charge to members.

The subjects covered include:

  • How to make money and create wealth.
  • How to invest and trade in equities, commodities, and currencies.
  • How to invest in real estate.
  • Asset protection, setting up trusts, foundations, and corporate structures.
  • Raising money, getting credit, financing and venture capital or investors for business ventures.
  • Opening offshore bank accounts.
  • Getting a second passport.
  • Living abroad.
  • Buying and investing in gold and silver and other precious metals.
  • How, where and when to invest for maximum profits.
  • New ground floor business opportunities.
  • How to get out of debt, fix bad credit and increase credit scores.
  • How to set up and prosper in home based businesses.
  • How to buy real estate with little or no money down.
  • How to make money in mail order, TV infomercials, direct response marketing and internet businesses.
  • How to develop wealth and secure retirement.
  • How to get grants that never have to be paid back.
  • How others have turned a $1,000 investment into millions of dollars in just a few years.
  • How members have made investment returns of 300% -3,000%.
  • How to use the law of attraction and other advanced techniques to have, be or do everything you desire.
  • How to attract things into your life such as a new car, better job or career, a lover or better relationship or even better health.
  • How to develop emotional well being, be happier, more fulfilled, eliminate depression and anxiety.
  • How to overcome fears, phobias and insecurities.
  • How to remove blocks and feel happy whatever the financial or emotional climate you are facing.
  • How to feel powerful, and in control with all people and in all situations.
  • How to read energy, virtually read people’€™s minds, expand your psychic ability and predict the future
  • How to gain confidence, and a feeling of security and certainty in life.
  • How to get people to like you.
  • Dramatically improve your health and learn the natural non drug and non surgical ways to cure and prevent virtually every disease.
  • You will learn the closely guarded secrets of various secret societies and what really goes on behind closed doors in these powerful controlling groups, and how it could affect you and your future.
  • How others have raised $10k cash In 24 hours and made over $100k cash in just 90 days.
  • How to create a perpetual money making machine, giving you a permanent monthly residual income from various sources from around the world.
  • How to save up to 70% off most of the goods and services you are currently buying from year to year.
  • How to maintain an inner sense of calm and control, whatever the outer conditions you are facing might be.
  • How to get trips, vacations, and cars for free or at dramatically reduced prices.
  • You will have inside information on the unexplained, unidentified flying objects, and things like extrasensory perception or psychic phenomena.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

All this information is available for free to members. Membership can virtually save you thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time if you were to try to find this information on your own and purchase it. That’€™s IF this information was even available. Most of what is available in the member only online library cannot be found anywhere else. It is exclusive to GIN members. Up until now most of this information has been kept a closely guarded secret by the privileged elite class and members of various private organizations, clubs and so called secret societies.

Having this information could quickly and completely revolutionize your financial, emotional, and physical life.

In addition members get the ability to network and communicate with other members from all around the world. Members pledge to help other members first. Having this worldwide networking opportunity is one of the main benefits of membership.

You will have access to experts, the powerful and affluent, celebrities, professional athletes, authors, scientists, politician€™s, successful business people, doctors and medical experts, leaders in various fields, plus many others. The average person would never have direct access to these types of individuals.

Members will also have the ability to be personally mentored or become an apprentice by a high ranking successful GIN member.

Since members share information with other members, several highly successful investors will be sharing trading advice, stock recommendations and other ways to get potentially strong returns from investment opportunities that non members would never know about. Some members regularly report getting returns of 300% -3,000% from their investment selections. Members will have access to this priceless information.

GIN members also receive a free lifetime membership in which provides invaluable information on health and natural healing. Members will be able to access the world’€™s best doctors: doctors that non members would simply never have access to.

Members who are looking for investors or venture capital will have the opportunity to present business ideas to the general membership. This could be one of the fastest ways to raise money for new businesses or get world class advice from experts that could save you from huge financial losses and wasted time.

Members will have the opportunity to be in business with or invest with wealthy, affluent, successful people from around the world.

Members who wish to start a business or need advice on an existing business will be able to network through the membership and potentially find an expert in that area which can provide free advice to help you achieve your business objectives. This type of advice and personal help from experts is worth the cost of membership a million times over.

GIN intends to provide members with a V.I.P. concierge services allowing members admittance to V.I.P. events, concerts, theater and show tickets, back stage passes, restaurant reservations, and access to people, and events that non members would never have access to. This service should allow members to have access to the same V.I.P. treatment that celebrities and the wealthy have always enjoyed.

Virtually all member benefits are free! All seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, lectures, summits, and special briefings are free.

Members also have the ability to request a meeting with a certain person, or receive particular training from an expert.

In the past members have requested to have personal pool lessons with a world champion billiard player. This has been provided. Others have wanted to have kung fu lessons from a real Shaolin monk. This has been provided. Others have wanted to have instruction on golf, tennis, and real estate investing. This is being provided. Yet others have requested cooking lessons from a world class chef. This too is being provided.

All members can request whatever information they desire. It is the goal of GIN to be able to provide the information requested directly from the world’€™s experts to GIN members.

Membership in GIN provides the information, resources and tools that can allow a person to have, be or do anything and everything they desire.

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Surprising at it seems, the majority of member benefits are not discussed here. The most significant members benefits are confidential and only revealed to members.

We encourage you to apply for membership. You are here because someone thought you were special. You have been personally invited to join GIN. This could be your chance to be involved with something truly outstanding. We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity. Apply for membership and submit your member application today. As membership is by invitation only, you are required to use the affiliate code of the person that invited you to join.

We look forward to having you as a new member in the Global Information Network, and are committed to providing you with the highest level of excellent service to help you achieve all your goals and dreams in life.

Not sure if any of you ever received a mailing from the Oxford Club, but it was the same type of offering only it was done via the US mail.  Many of the same so-called elite membership, not all applying would be accepted, you would benefit financially by joining, and you would save the world from itself.  GIN is the online version, taken to a new level, of the Oxford Club.  Bottom line is it is all a bunch of hooey. The only criteria for you to be able to join GIN is that you are breathing, have the required enrollment fee, and can pay the monthly dues to be a member.  Everything else is all smoke and mirrors to make you think you are privileged at being accepted, and you will be accepted.

Now remember, they said you had to be referred in, but yet they give you an application opportunity on their website to join.  Anyone going to their website can fill out the application, and it did not require any member for you to find their website.  So much for their claim it is by invitation only from an existing member.

Now top and think for just a moment.  How many Billionaires, Celebrities, Royalty, Former heads of governments (Prime Ministers/Presidents), World Leaders, and Scientists do you know that would refer you into the club? After all this is what he has claimed is the only way you can become a member.

Do you really believe that by joining a club like this, even if it did exist, the club would be able to stop wars, cause world peace, financial stability in the world, and all the other utopia concepts they claim you will achieve by joining?

There are twelve levels of membership and benefits in the club, but only the first level of membership and benefits are revealed.  All the others are classified for the qualifications of membership and the benefits.

For the first level, your cost to join is $1,500 initiation fee, or a one-time payment option of $1,000, and monthly dues of $150, and must be recommended by a member in good standing.  This entitles you Access to membership level 1 sections of the GIN website.

I have to wonder if they give you a tin foil hat in the shape of a triangle when you join?  I’€™m sure you now all want to run out and join this incredible opportunity.  What is truly sad is there are people who will fall for all this hype and join.