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“Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun”

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It is projected that 1 out of 10 people in America will either be scammed, or know someone who was scammed in an Internet Investment Scam before the end of a calendar year. Internet investment scams cost the public billions of dollars a year, and is now exceeding trillions of dollars per year worldwide. Not only do people lose their life savings to these Internet investment scams, or worse, they cause an economic crisis locally, nationally, and worldwide.

This book exposes all the people behind them, and tells who and how they do it. Whether it is E-mail Fraud, Prime Bank Notes, Bank Phishing, Fake Jobs, Work-From-Home Scams, Ponzi’s, HYIP/Non-HYIP scams, you will learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

It provides illustrations from real scams separating the facts from fiction. You will also learn the dark side of these scams, and all the misery and suffering they bring. Whether it is called a scam, a Ponzi, or fraud, the end result is always the same: the people behind them steal your money leaving their victims in a financial disaster. This book contains vital information that can help you avoid becoming a victim of their devious schemes.


Book Reviews/Comments:


  • By Renee Lobo, President Reenbow Media: At a time when Internet scams continue to skyrocket in a borderless information age, Lynn Edgington’s book offers valuable advice in combating this global menace. However internet savvy we may be, cyber scammers and bullies seem to be always a few steps ahead of us. By raising our level of awareness, Edgington empowers us to make prudent and informed cyber decisions. An excellent read.
  • By Kathryn Raaker, Host of Let’s Just Talk Radio: Lynn has been on our show as one of the experts in Internet Fraud and Scams. His new book is one of the most important guides on how not to be scammed by white collar criminals and tips on how to recognize them and protect you and your loved ones from being scammed. I found that Lynn’s new book shows the reader how Internet fraud works and how it can be sold by a small group of insiders to an unsuspecting public and the book provides standards by which to judge claims of massive rewards for minimum effort.
  • By sramz: This is an excellent nuts and bolts guide to all types of internet investment fraud. It should be required reading prior to putting money into ANY online “opportunity”.Mr. Edgington not only dissects and lays bare how the frauds work, he gives real world examples of those frauds, the proponents, how they steal your money, and how they attempt to avoid being exposed by belittling or bullying anybody that questions their operation! Anyone that is or has been tempted by online investment opportunities NEEDS this book…!
  • By Tammy Binning: I think the book goes a long way in exposing the scams, lies and hypocrisy of this arena. It is a very good read for any body thinking of venturing into this arena of thieves.
  • By Wobblyl: With the every growing ways that criminals are utilising the internet to separate you from your money, it makes perfect sense to find a way to educate and identify the ways these guys work. This book was written just for that purpose. Reading it could very well protect your life savings and your family’s well being.
  • By Christian Paasche: In a nutshell, this is a great book for those not initiated in the ways of cyber fraud. Lynn’s easy, yet comprehensive, treatment of the most common existing online scams is not only a great list of red flags, the lessons can be applied to new scams as they become popular. Most scams follow a simple script. They lure you in with promises of easy money, separate you from your cash, encourage you to recruit your friends and then start giving excuses as to why they cannot pay out as promised. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone contemplating any online investing. Lynn’s book can help you avoid getting caught up in schemes which have entangled many hundreds of thousands of victims.
  • Cathy: Mr. Edgington knows what he is talking about!!! I have been in many of the situations he talks about and can verify that he describes them to a T (just wish I had access to his knowledge BEFORE I was robbed). I encourage anyone thinking about or attempting to earn money from the internet to read this book. There are many legitimate opportunities out there….read this book first so you will know how to differentiate them from the scams. Before you invest anywhere else, invest in this book…you will SAVE yourself loads of headache and heartache, and yes, loads of money, too. My only complaint is not about the content but more about the font typeface. Sometimes it is a little hard to tell what is being quoted. I occasionally had to ‘look twice’ to see who was talking. Not a major issue when compared with the value of the information.
  • By Tassi-Tiger: I found this to be an interesting, enjoyable and easy read… Easy cos Lyn kept it simple for people to read and explained things rather well….Even with my knowledge of scams I still learned quite a bit from it….I will now pass it round to friends and family to read….If by doing so it helps even one of them to not be the victim of a scam that would be great…. Thanks Lyn for your great work.

Table of Contents

Can I Really Be Scammed?
The Anatomy of a Scam -€“ What Does A Scam Look Like?
Preying On Desperation
Prime Bank Notes/Letters Of Credit -€“ They Do Exist, Don’€™t They?
Work From Home -€“ Real Or Fake?
Cash Gifting -€“ Legal Or Illegal?
The Nigerian 419 E-mail Scams
Bank Phishing E-mail Scams
Two E-mails That Could Land You In Prison
Affinity Fraud -€“ What Is It?
Pay-To-Click/Auto-Surf Programs
Penny Stock Pump & Dump
The Non-HYIP Scam
The HYIP Scam
Red Flag Warnings & Due Diligence
How They Do It
The Dark Side of Investment Scams
What the Scammer Is Asking You To Believe
How Can I Stop All The Spam In My Inbox?
Summing It All Up