Notes of Thanks

The following are just some of the notes we receive from people we have been able to help.  We appreciate them allowing us to use their names and print their comments:

Hello Mr. Edgington:

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful response to my email!

I sincerely appreciate your efforts in finding out about this company. I guess I really knew, when they upped the ante when I had finished everything exactly the way they requested.  This took quite a bit of time and much wasted effort on my part — especially when I did (and still do) need to make some income.  At least it taught me to do some real research before I embark on anything — and I will keep Eagle Research Associates at my right hand and will also refer anyone else who has been ripped off or scammed, hopefully before it happens.

I definitely will report them to the agency’s you suggested; I am sure it would be next to impossible to try to get the money back at this time.

Also, I am not financially able to contribute to you right now; however, I am making a pledge (and I am sincere about this) that I plan to contribute to two entities, as soon as I can — Eagle Research Associates and Jay Sekulow (ACLJ)  I am so thankful for groups such as yours and Jay’s and I thank God for you both and will always keep you in my prayers.

Thank you again, and many blessings to you and your associates.

Warmest Regards,
Sue Conner

Hello Lynn:

Thank you so much for getting back to me with a detailed response!  I really appreciate this.  I am so glad your organization is diligently doing the work that is so needed.  I’ve heard you speak on the Frank Pastore show heard in the Los Angeles area at KKLA.

Now I have something more to go on.

Deborah Ayala

Mr. Edgington:

THANKS Lynn Edgington…..for this information.  I know you are very busy, and I do so appreciate your always so courteous responses to my emails….I so appreciate your wonderful website that is loaded with the very best information concerning the work you and your associates do on our behalf.

Each time I have contacted you, either via email or phone, you have always responded and given me great suggestions……I am grateful !  May your website live long….and help many get educated !

Marcia Bailey – Arizona


I came across reference of your website from an investment forum posting. I had questions and concerns regarding a certain company and their investment solicitations. It’s a pleasure to have you respond in a prompt and informative manner. Sure beats the oft used auto-response! I appreciate the time you have spent on answering all my questions. The website is a great resource for assisting those who feel they might be involved in scams or suspect an illegal investment. The internet needs more sites like this to help police the unsavory elements that it unfortunately seems to attract. Great tool. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Andrychuk

Dear Lynn:

My name is Debra Turner. I was directed to your website by Paul Schlegel. I wanted to write to tell you how very impressed I am with Eagle Research.

I found the website to be highly professional in appearance, but extremely user friendly, and very easy to navigate. I love the friendly, conversational tone of the writings on the site, and the way complex concepts are presented and explained so that anyone can understand; yet, a professional demeanor is always maintained.

Now that the internet and other scams are becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s wonderful to have a site such as yours to turn to for dependable information. I especially appreciated the “one-stop shopping” approach; i.e., the direct links to Consumer Information, Consumer Assistance and Consumer Investigation. The “Alerts and Hot Topics” section was great too, with its data on the most current frauds and scams operating out there.

I believe that Eagle Research may very well be one of the single best scam and fraud information resource centers on the entire web. Many thanks, Lynn, for caring enough about others to go to the time, effort and expense for the rest of us.

Debra Turner


I am glad to give witness to the great help EagleResearch has been to me.  Especially when it comes to ASD Cash Generator! By avoiding being taken in by a HUGE scam…

Eagle Research has saved me pain, anxiety and a bundle of money.

My friend, Pamela reportedly lost $9,000 in personal funds in the ASD scam and she was a big recruiter for them. Luckily you came along to answer some very important questions for me so I could avoid being swept up by her enthusiasm. I’m also happy to know I was the catalyst in getting the investigative ball rolling with Eagle Research.

God Bless,
John Vollbrecht


On my drive home from work, I usually listen to The Frank Pastore Show on KKLA.  Frank had Lynn on as his guest and they discussed what Eagle Research does.  I thought that was a great service and liked that Lynn was a Christian.

A week later, a friend that was having financial difficulties told me she signed-up for a networking business.  I met with her, so she could explain this new way to pay down your mortgage quickly and make money at the same time.  All the red flags that Lynn discussed on the radio came up in her explanation of this networking business.  What alarmed me was that they were trying to market churches and pastors with this scam.

I notified Eagle Research through their website and received a reply the next day.  They said that they would research this business and alert the church community if necessary.  It’s a blessing to have Lynn out there uncovering these scams and protecting us.  May God continue to bless him and his work.

Marcelo Bernardo

Dear Mr. Edgington,

I wanted to express my thanks for the help you recently provided regarding the questionable refinance plan that I heard advertised on the radio. Day after day I would hear these ads on several of the stations that I listened to, and it sounded too good to be true.

After hearing a segment you did on the Frank Pastore show on KKLA, I decided to contact you and see if you could help me. I wanted to refinance my mortgage, but I wanted to make sure this rebate program wasn’t fraudulent. Something about it seemed fishy.

Taking into account the research and advice you provided, we decided to forego this program and not risk possibly damaging our credit or getting caught in a program that could hurt us financially in the long run. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

All the best,
Michael Kishaba

Good morning Lynn:

I have reviewed a lot your site and it is Terrific. Giving a lot of information to the everyday individual, that can be scammed and what to do about it.  A lot of information to THINK about and look at seriously before we jump in. I just hope that many, many see it and learn from all the information that you have provided.

In today’s economy it is so easy to be scammed and I was and I took the steps immediately to contact the correct avenues to report what I felt and knew was wrong. I wish I knew where that stood, but assume I never will know. It has made me so wary of any work at home positions. Every time I see send this in $$$ I wonder what my money will actually pay for so that I can aim and attempt to do this.

Thank you again for all of your information and I have passed this onto others to also Look at seriously.

Thank you,
Nancy Lasher

Mr. Edgington:

Thank you very much for your information. I will follow your valuable advice. I am thankful that I wrote to you first God Bless.

Ray Bedolla

Dear Lynn,

I am glad to read once again and it is a pleasure to see the links and the education stressed even more on how to be aware and cautious with scamming stunts under various malicious guises conning people out there.

I feel this site and service is stronger than ever before as we all do what we can in spreading the mindset and awareness on how to confront the growing viral menace & threat those global scammers are causing for everyone still falling prey… let’€™s try effective prevention with sound awareness.

I will add your site to where it is allowed albeit in my signature on Email addresses and/or forum signature fields where it’€™s best effective and appreciated.

Des F Lechner