When you use one of the state links we have provided you to file a complaint, you will find many of the sites give you instructions on how to fill out their complaint form. Before filing with the state, you need to file a police report, and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Before filing any complaint, you need to get your information organized to make it easier for you to complete the complaint form. The information listed below will assist you in organizing your thoughts, and being able to complete the complaint form, as well as filing your police report.


  • Name of Company You Are Complaining About:
  • Name of Product/Service You Are Complaining About:
  • Their address including zip or postal code if outside U.S.:
  • Country:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Company E-Mail Address:
  • Phone Number including area code:
  • How Did the Company Initially Contact You?
  • How Much Did the Company Ask You to Pay?
  • How Much Did You Actually Pay the Company?
  • How Did You Pay the Company?
  • Who you talked with or corresponded with from the company:
  • Date Company Contacted You:

When you complete the online complaint form, you are providing initial information for the agency to determine the validity of your complaint. If the reporting agency requires more information from you, they will contact you and advise you of any additional information they need. This is when they will request copies of all documents to support your complaint.

Explain Your Problem: Please limit your narrative to 2000 characters (You can use your character count in Word to keep track of your narrative).

Have copies of your bank statements, cancelled checks, credit card receipts, E-mails, written correspondence (of any kind), telephone records, i.e. as much information as you can as it may be requested from the authorities to substantiate your complaint after their initial review. You want to be prepared to provide this information immediately to avoid any unnecessary delays if it is requested, and it will probably be requested. For more information about what will be needed, visit . They have excellent resources for you, as well as assistance if you have been a victim of fraud.